Immerse Yourself in Health

The Healing Pond is a tranquil space in leafy Banstead, the brainchild of Eleana Needham.

As one patient put it very eloquently: “Eleana succeeds where others fail”.

Eleana – Who am I?

A seeker, a finder, a pathfinder

I have spent just over half a century on this beautiful Earth

I have ailed and healed and learned how to find

The Way

through twists and turns, floods and rocks, ups and downs, meadows and woods, cities and valleys

I am a light and a candle

A torch and a twilight

A night and a day

I show The Way

For you to find yours

I am a certified Pure Prosperity Teacher

A Homeopath by professional calling

A Reiki Master Teacher

A Maker of Essences

A mother, a sister, a daughter, a companion, a friend

I am proud and humble

I am gentle and tough

I am wicked and benign

I am who I am

So you can be who