Acne Home Treatment – Prevention First How To Manage Your Acne From Home

There are quite a few acne home treatments available, however, one limitation they all share is that they cannot stop a break-out in progress.  This is due to the cycle of acne, which I will look at another time.  Meanwhile, the best way to handle acne is to prevent it from forming.  Here are some of the ways that people exacerbate their break-outs:

1)  Neglecting basic hygiene.  it might go without saying, but protecting your body from the environment is   the best ways to limit acne outbreaks before they start.  For example, if you just finished a heavy workout or came in from a sweaty afternoon working in your yard, dont sit down in your grimy clothes on the sofa for three hours.  Instead, get in the habit of instantly hopping in the shower, washing yourself down with a good non-sulfate body wash or the like, and put on clean clothes.   This simple step will dramatically reduce your body acne over time.  For your face, clean it whenever you feel it becoming overly oily.

2)  Watch your nutrition.  It helps to remember that your skin is your biggest organ, and proper care and feeding of it will make all the difference for acne as well as other potential skin conditions.  There are plenty of vitamins known to specifically help acne, but for now, stay on top of the basics:  eat a reasonable mix of fruit and vegetables, keep your red meats down, and use a one-a-day multivitamin as well as a source of omega 3 fatty acids such as fish oil pills.  These steps will benefit your health in general, but you will see a dramatic improvement to the quality of your skin tone as well.  Which will, of course, give you better acne tolerance.

3)  Be careful of your fidgeting habits.  Many people have a natural tendency to rub their jaw or forehead when thinking, or will absent-mindedly pick at their face.  This unfortunately common behavior leads to a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria, as they are moved around your skin as you add dirt and other clogging agents to your pores.  Every time you touch your face, you pass bacteria and other impurities from your hands.  Stop this alone, and watch your acne levels drop within two weeks.

4)  Also, avoid picking at acne break-outseven when theyre throbbing or unpleasant, resist the urge to poke at it.   in addition to the problems outlined above, you can greatly aggravate individual acne by forcing the infection deeper into your skin as you rub and cause damage and breaks in the face for the acne to spread.  This can lead to acne scars, which will persist long after whatever acne break-out has ended.

Dealing with these basic steps will go a long way towards preserving your clear and healthy skin, which will in turn reduce how many acne breakouts occur naturally.  From here, we will start looking at acne home treatments to further improve your skin.