Methods To Prevent Snoring Problems

My husband has been snoring for the life of our marriage. We never slept together before being married so I had no way of knowing that I would spend the rest of my life sleeping, or trying to sleep, next to a snorer. Let me tell you, his snores are loud enough to shake a politician from a dollar! The first night he snored I was very unhappy. I knew that if I was ever going to get to sleep, I would have to do something about his snoring.

Prevent Snoring Technique #1

That first night I wanted to get some sleep. I had just spent that entire day dealing with wedding plans, wedding guests, the stress of traveling, and the wedding night jitters, and I needed some sleep, really badly. As I lay there next to this snoring beast, I got to thinking; what ways have people dealt with snorers before? Was there an easy way to prevent snoring? I thought of a commercial in which the wife put a sock in her husband’s mouth. That seemed like it would work, so I rummaged through our luggage for a clean sock (putting a dirty one in his mouth wouldn’t be wifely). Once I found the sock I gently opened his mouth and put the sock inside. Oddly enough, my husband didn’t wake up. It looked like it was going to work so I lay down and prepared to get some sleep. Unfortunately, within 5 minutes my husband woke up choking on the sock in his mouth. Needless to say he wasn’t too pleased with me. I spent the rest of the night dealing with the snoring. Putting a sock in a snorer’s mouth isn’t the way to prevent snoring.

Prevent Snoring Technique #2

Five months after that disastrous snoring event, I was still having problems sleeping. I was starting a new job, and I had just found out that I was pregnant so sleep was becoming more and more important to me. By the 6th month of martial bliss, I was going crazy with the lack of sleep. Finally, I decided that I needed to try something else to help prevent the snoring. I racked my mind for ways to keep the snoring down without causing my husband discomfort or risk his life. After 5 minutes I decided upon a method that wasn’t dangerous or uncomfortable. I told my husband that he had to plug his nose at night to keep the snoring to a minimum. It took a little convincing, but my husband finally acquiesced and bought nose plugs. That night, the snoring was completely gone and I loved it. Unfortunately, my husband woke up with a dry, sore throat, which was bad because my husband makes a living as an auctioneer.

The above methods to prevent snoring are not the smartest methods. I would recommend using a prescription snore reducer, or an over the counter snore reliever. Do not, and I mean do not, put anything down your throat or plug your nose. Preventing snoring doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or life threatening.